Arugam Bay

The wide Arugam Bay beach lies on the edge of south-east Sri Lanka. The journey from Colombo to Arugam Bay is a long drive by bus or car, but ultimately worth it. This beautiful beach is developing into one of the most popular destinations on the island.

Arugam Bay is a surfer’s paradise. Its waves have made it the top surfing destination in Sri Lanka and one of the best in Asia. International surfing competitions are regularly held here. During the surfing season of April to October, the area is crowded with water sports enthusiasts. The main surfing areas are Pottuvil point, Main Break and Crocodile Rock.

BBQ and Seafood

Nevertheless, there is more to Arugam Bay than surfing. Throughout the year, this beach welcomes many tourists in search of a relaxing holiday. Although the small village has only one main street with shops and restaurants, it has a lot to offer. There are yoga places and exciting shops to explore. In terms of cuisine, many shops offer traditional rice and curry, while hotels provide Western food. Arugam Bay is especially popular for their BBQ and seafood.

The scenery of Arugam Bay is breathtaking and taking a long drive reveals the sandy beach, jungle, lagoon, rivers, and mangroves. Scuba diving is another popular activity which attracts visitors to the village. Tourists can further explore the Panama tank and go bird watching. Nature lovers can take a safari into the Kumana National Park, and discover the wildlife within Sri Lanka.

A party destination

Over the past few years, Arugam Bay has become a main party destination within the island. Every weekend, places such as Whiskey Point and Mambo’s hold legendary parties, filled with good food, music, and dancing. The accommodation is diverse and visitors can choose to live in cottages, cabanas, or hotels during their stay. 

Since Arugam Bay is a small village, the local community is highly interactive and welcoming. Tourism and surfing are the main trades, and each person who lives there has a story to tell. The area is a secluded paradise and there is never a dull moment in Arugam Bay.