The term Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words Ayu, meaning ‘life’, and Veda, meaning ‘science’. It is an ancient art of healing hailing down from over five thousand years ago that relies on natural remedies to improve health and longevity of life. 

Ayurvedic treatments have gained international fame for their health-friendly and environmentally-friendly methods. Ayurveda also offers vitalizing treatments for everyday life that can de-stress your body, nourish your skin and add a shine to your hair.

Internationally recognized spas

Ayurvedic spas are located across the island, making it conveniently accessible regardless of wherever you are. If you search the web, it’s guaranteed you’ll find one located near you; from very small intimate places to big spas that have gained international recognition. Some are located close by the Bandaranaike International Airport, making it the perfect place to relax and de-stress after a cramped and exhausting plane ride. Others will help you escape the rush of the city or will relax you even more while you stay at the beach. 

Ayurvedic products

Prices vary based on the treatment, with certain treatments costing as little as USD 10. Full body treatments cost an average of USD 100, but they take quite a while and service is definitely worth the price! Ayurvedic products such as herbal oils and gels are also available for purchase, allowing you to take the spa experience into the confines of your own home. All treatments and therapies are offered by experienced and well-trained therapists and masseuses who will take you on a positively transcendent journey. 

Secret recipes

These herbal spas offer a multitude of holistic treatments for the mind, body and soul, ranging from head and body massages to herbal baths to slimming body wraps. The herbal concoctions are made using secret recipes of ancestors that were created long before Hippocrates delved into the field of Western medicine, and have been perfected over several millennia. 

Ayurvedic treatments are guaranteed to be a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that you will not find anywhere else. So be sure to experience the authentic Ayurvedic treatments of Sri Lanka that will heal your mind, body and soul at least once. A taste of its wonders is sure to leave you wanting for more.