Colombo nightlife

Colombo nightlife

Colombo Nightlife is synonymous with the thrill of getting away from it all into the dark open spaces of brilliantly lit casinos and pubs and restaurants. Full of glamour filled fun, from night to dawn, the partying continues. Most hotspots are located in and around the coastal areas of Colombo; places such as Kolpetty, Fort, and Bambalapitiya. From gambling, roulette rolling, great bands, live music, delicious food, trancing cafes, and themed pubs, this city has everything you ask for and much more!

Luxurious casinos

Since gambling is legal, Colombo’s luxurious casinos can be counted on to draw a big crowd. The chance to make a quick buck off your luck, surrounded by warmth and liveliness, and food and drink the hour round, makes for a memorable night out.  Bets range from 1000 LKR to 4 Million LKR. Poker, blackjack and roulette are popular betting games at the casinos, which mostly witness a foreign crowd.

The nightlife in Colombo gets most active over the weekends. This is when people unwind after a long workweek, and the party spirit really unfolds. Most popular night spots open at dusk, with the partying flowing freely all throughout the night and into dawn. Colombo nightlife is in short, a daytime experience wrapped in heat and night entwined in music. 

Rooftop bars

Colombo’s many rooftop bars are special. Located on the top of the cities’ most beautiful hotels they allow a bird’s eye view of your surroundings. The ones in coastal areas in particular are famous for their breathtaking sights of the city lighting up at night, the ribbonned roads and a grand view of small fishing boats on the ocean twinkling into the horizon. 

Colombo’s pubs and bars have a wide range of beers and cocktails on offer. A number of bars offer excellent DJ nights or live band performances from night to dawn the next day.  Restaurants on the other hand, supply anything from delicious street food to world class cuisine, including both local and international dishes. Influences from the Dutch, the Portuguese and the English as well as Middle Eastern countries have made Sri Lanka’s cuisine into a fascinating hybrid over time. 

For a romantic dinner or a fun filled night out of song and dance, nightlife just doesn’t get better than in Colombo!