Colonial Colombo Fort

Colombo Fort is a fantastic areas to visit. A successful conservation program by the former and present government has revitalised the old city completely. Most of the old building have been preserved and refurbished maintaining the old colonial style.

Colonial Colombo Fort

Old Parliament Building

Commonly known as the ‘Old Parliament’, this neo-classical structure was built between 1920 and 1930. A typical example of British architecture reflecting imperial glory in Asian colonies.

Old Dutch Hospital

Colonial Colombo Fort

Old Dutch hospital is considered the oldest building in the Fort area of Colombo. Constructed in 1677, it has now been converted into a restaurant area with nice little coffee and tea shops. One major attraction is the restaurant “Ministry of Crab“ restaurant where you order any size of crab and eat with your hands. Just round the corner is The Steuart Pub where the locals, expats and tourists meet for drinks.

The Galle Face Hotel

Colonial Colombo Fort

This hotel began as a Dutch villa but was converted into a hotel by four British entrepreneurs in 1864. The hotel became known as one of the best hotel east of Suez and welcomed many prominent guests; The hotel is the proud owner of the first car of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Colombo Town Hall

It was a Scottish town planner that suggested in 1921 that Colombo was in need of a dignified municipal building that would house its council and mayor’s office. Construction was completed in 1927 and today the building is still home to the municipal authorities. And yes! It really does look like the US Capitol Building.

Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque

Colonial Colombo Fort

Ever since the 7th century Arab merchants had close ties with Sri Lanka. The Dutch and English brought Javanese, Malaysian and South-Indian muslims to the country. This Islamic mix settled down in the Pettah area and they needed a place of worship to pray five times a day. In 1908 the construction of a mosque was commenced and completed within a year.

The Cargills Building

Colonial Colombo Fort

The former ‘House of Cargills’ with its red-white façade is one of city centers famous landmarks. Founded in 1844 as Colombo’s first ever department store everything from luxury items to groceries was sold here. Nowadays Cargills is one of Sri Lanka’s largest retailers.