A small town in the southern extreme of the Sri Lankan Hill country, Ella provides the perfect place to sit back and unfurl. It comes furnished with boutiques, bars and restaurants aimed at invigorating the weary tourist. This place offers a wholesome tourist friendly atmosphere and numerous opportunities for sightseeing.

Long, memorable walks

An outstanding feature of this locale is the Ravana Ella waterfall. A mere 5 km down the road from the main city, it offers the chance to explore and bathe. You can also opt for long, memorable walks down Ella Rock. 

To enter the city, you can either opt for a rail journey through sprawling fields of rock, tea plantations and shrubbery. The journey lasts little over 3 hours (Colombo -Badulla- Ella). The bus journeys last longer, depending on where you board and stops at several scenic viewpoints.  

Seasonal thunderstorms

The best time to visit Ella would be during the pre-monsoon period (January- May) when the weather peaks at favorability. Later, and you are apt to be entwined in the seasonal thunderstorms that haunt the place from time to time!