The city of Galle is a popular tourist destination which lies on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka. The colonial history preserved within its many walls has declared Galle a World Heritage Site. From the city of Colombo, there are two routes most used to reach Galle. Although the train ride is the scenic route, the Southern Expressway is the fastest way to get there.

Known as the fortified city, Galle is not a destination to be missed. Built by the Dutch in Sri Lanka’s colonial era, the Galle Fort is an immense structure which overlooks the ocean. The Fort is both beautiful and formidable at the same time. The best way to explore this walled city is by walking along its paved roads. With many shops and boutiques, it is always bustling with locals and visitors alike.

Colonial architecture

The colonial architecture of Galle is historic. With large verandahs, ornamental doors, and ancient carvings, the modern city has not lost its charm. The Lighthouse is an iconic structure and the Dutch Church a popular attraction. Galle has some nice museums to explore, filled with years of history. Walking through Galle is an unforgettable experience. Indeed, this unique city is very different from the rest of the country.

Delicious seafood

The cuisine in Galle is of a large variety, with many restaurants along the roadside. Galle is well-known for its delicious seafood, and small shops which sell homemade ice cream. Since Galle is a popular tourist destination, the locals thrive on many small businesses within the city. From the shop owners and museum guides to the snake charmers, the locals are always welcoming and eager to stop for a quick chat.

Galle is a popular destination throughout most of the year, with a slight decrease in tourism during the monsoon season from May to September. After all, there is more to Galle than the Fort itself. The best spots on the city overlook the blue ocean. Not far from Galle lies the Unawatuna beach, a spectacular place for swimming, snorkelling, and relaxing.

Shopping and sightseeing

A trip to Galle means a fun day of shopping, sightseeing, and admiring the charm of the city. With enough time, this includes a few scrumptious meals and a dip in the ocean. Galle is the heart of colonial Sri Lanka and certainly worth the visit.