Hot air ballooning: a once in a lifetime

One can discover Sri Lanka in many ways. But doing so by hot air balloon is nothing less than a once in a lifetime experience. 

Costing around 200 $, this is certainly not the cheapest way to enjoy the paradise island. But we are convinced, you’ll feel this spectacular adventure is worth every cent. Just imagine yourself floating above the thick jungle canopy and seeing herds of elephants roam the open plains. The deafening silence during the flight is only disturbed by the occasional firing of the burner.


Sri Lanka’s ballooning season is between November and April and tours usually take place in the so-called Cultural Triangle. In corners of this area are shaped by Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Dambulla, while Sirigirya, or Lions Rock, is located in the centre of the region. The tour usually takes place around sunrise and the adventure usually takes in between three to four hours. On air flight time will be around one hour. 

Hot air

The pilot will brief you before take-off and together with the sun, your balloon starts to rise to the sky. The balloon When there is enough hot air in the balloon you gently take off. Wondrous sights of rural villages, paddy fields, small dirt roads in the otherwise green landscape lie at your feet. There are no words to describe the serenity of a hot air balloon flight.


The usually smooth landing will be celebrated -as tradition requires – by drinking a glass of champaign. Your adventure will end when a support crew and vehicle, that have been following the flight, will take you back to your hotel. You are ready to let the memories sink in while you relax at the poolside. Or you spend the day visiting the beautiful heritage sites that you flew over a couple of hours earlier.