How to Enjoy a Rainy Day in Colombo

The island of Sri Lanka is well-known for its sunny skies and beautiful weather. Nevertheless, the country gets its fair share of heavy rains during the monsoon period. If one happens to encounter these showers during a visit, there’s no reason to be disappointed! Sri Lanka in the rain is a completely unique experience. Within the city of Colombo, there’s a certain charm to a rainy day, whether it’s a drizzle or a downpour.

Sailing paper boats

To see all of Colombo in its rainy delight, take a leisurely drive through the city. It will be clustered with colourful umbrellas and tuk tuks. Young children playing in the rain and sailing paper boats is a very common sight. It is the perfect opportunity to buy some spicy mango and pineapple pickle or achcharu from street vendors whose stalls are sheltered from the rain. Grab a hot cup of tea from a shop or kadey on the street – the perfect beverage to complement the rainy weather.

Drive along the seaside road of Marine Drive and park at Galle Face Green, overlooking the stormy ocean. Although a breezy walk may not be possible, there is a breathtaking view of the stunning sea. For a change of activity, visit one of Colombo’s famous shopping centers and go on a shopping spree. Undoubtedly, visitors to the city focus on the innumerable sightseeing destinations. However, a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to change things up a bit by visiting a mall and seeing what Colombo has to offer. From modern and traditional fashion to souvenirs, the options are plenty. 

The perfect time to explore

Going to the cinemas is always fun in Colombo because there are plenty of options, such as Bollywood, Kollywood, Sinhalese, or Hollywood film. Pick out something new, different, and spontaneous for a unique cinematic experience. The fun doesn’t stop there. Even in Colombo’s rainy weather, there’s still some sightseeing to be done! Visiting the National Museum is an incredible experience and a great way to discover the rich Sri Lankan history. A rainy day could be the perfect time to explore.

Gloomy weather and a splash of rain can certainly work up one’s appetite. Colombo is a growing hub of restaurants, offering different unique cuisines. Enjoy a delicious meal at any one of these, whether it is Chinese, Indian, or classic Sri Lankan dishes. If this doesn’t sound tempting enough, park at a koththu roti shop and enjoy some steaming hot Sri Lankan food delivered straight to your vehicle. 

Or a hot cup of tea

Of course, one always has the option to stay indoors and opt to have a cozy day instead! With a good book and a hot cup of tea, enjoying a rainy day in Colmobo simply can’t go wrong.