Kandy, Sri Lanka is dotted with greenery and hilly terrain. Home to the world famous Dalada Maligawa, or Tooth Relic Temple, and a beautiful  British cemetery. The care keeper of this graveyard, dating back to the colonial days, can tell you the stories of the people that lived here a long time ago.

Kandyan climate is apt to fluctuate over the year, but since Kandy is located 500 meters above sea level, the city remains relatively cool all the year round. But if the smog and heat in this crowded city get too much, you can take a stroll in Udawattekele Sanctuary; a green oasis right above the Tooth Relic Temple. These forests once were the hunting grounds of the Kandyan kings and are still full of unseen wildlife.

Tooth Relic

The Dalada Maligawa houses the Tooth Relic of the Buddha. It is the holiest place in Sri Lanka and a popular tourist site. The ‘Esela Perehera’ is held once a year every August. This nationally telecast event is a procession that parades this sacred tooth relic on elephant back across the city. Hundreds of tourists and pilgrims alike flock to watch this event. 

Bogambara Lake

The Bogambara Lake in the middle of the city is a perfect place to enjoy a moonlit stroll when the dust and pollution are at its lowest. The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, housing all kinds of exotic plants from around the world, is another major attraction in Kandy. 

The Hanthana mountain range allows you to wander all over the mountainous terrain that enshrouds the hill city, affording you a breathtaking view of the city.