King Coconut – Nature’s Elixir

Mother nature’s gift: king coconut

Sri Lanka is a culinary treasure cove. Spices, different varieties of rice and fruit and vegetables in all colours and sizes grow in abundance all over the island. And one of mother nature’s special gifts is the king coconut or thambili.

The benefits 

Drinking the water of the king coconut is touted to have many health benefits.

This revitalising drink is packed with electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Some even claim that this super charged water can slow down and even reverse the ageing process of one’s skin! But if nothing else, king coconut will re-energise the body and hydrate it perfectly.

That is probably why, according to legend, during World War II British regiments in isolated, remote hospitals in the tropical jungles of Ceylon, would use the fresh coconut water whenever they ran out of saline drips.

The hype 

Since 2010 Europe and the US have experienced an explosion in the sale of coconut water. Megastar Madonna was purported to be drinking coconut water by the bucket load. Next Rihanna, Courteney Cox and Demi Moore contributed to the soaring popularity of coconut water and soon people all over the world started guzzling the stuff.

Packaged coconut water is almost always processed. Many brands use concentrate instead of fresh water. Reducing the coconut water to syrup, makes transport and storage easier. Afterwards water will be added before packaging and onward sale. Convenient for producers but certainly not a good deal for consumers: all nutritional benefits are lost.

Take it fresh

So it’s best to take your king coconut fresh. And what better place to do so, than Sri Lanka. The island will allow you to take delight in fresh coconut water wherever you go.