May you have a long life!

Ayubowan! Or ‘may you have a long live’. It is how we say ‘welcome to Sri Lanka; welcome to the resplendent isle’. While you enjoy your stay in paradise, here are a couple of things that you might want to know about this charming little country and what it has to offer.

Sri Lanka is a land like no other quite simply because of how quick the landscape and the surroundings can change. Perhaps you’d like a change from the bustling city of Colombo? No problem, the golden southern coastline of Galle is only an hour’s drive away. 

Make your way up to the hills

If you get tired of the feeling of sand between your toes and the sun on your skin, make your way up to the hills. Nuwara Eliya isn’t called little England for no reason. Enjoy that cup of Ceylon tea in the cool climes as you overlook the tea pluckers, hard at work in the lush green gardens.

Sri Lankan safari

Maybe you fancy something exciting, something to get your adrenaline pumping? Well, then a Sri Lankan safari will definitely please you; look out for the elusive Sri Lankan leopard and the rather shy sloth bear. You have a choice of twenty six national parks to choose from, quite a large number for a country as small as this. For the avid nature lover though, a safari isn’t enough; a hike through the Sinharaja Rainforest will keep even the most seasoned hikers on their toes.

There are many things to learn

However, Sri Lanka’s beauty is not just skin deep. While it is clear that Sri Lanka has been blessed with amazing sceneries, the true beauty of Sri Lanka lies in the golden hearts of the people. You won’t find warmer smiles anywhere else on earth, this is guaranteed. So while you are here, do talk to the people, do communicate. Where you came from and where you are now, are worlds and cultures apart. So it goes without saying that there are many things that Sri Lankans can learn from you and vice versa. Please do share your stories. A souvenir is a great memento to take back home, but to make friends in a faraway land will paint permanent pictures in your mind.

Relax and be awestruck

So to conclude, enjoy your stay in the land where you can discover the undiscovered. Relax as you bask in sun in the land of eternal summers. Be awestruck as you explore the land of history, the land of legends. Welcome to a land where time stands still and flies by. Welcome to Sri Lanka!