The sandy beaches of Mirissa are located on the Southern tip of the island, a mere 200 km away from the equator. Despite its popularity, Mirissa has the most secluded beaches, away from the bustle of everyday life. Mirissa is one bus ride away from Colombo, although many prefer to travel by train, simply for the stunning views.

Mirissa forms a crescent shaped beach, ideal for a relaxing holiday. It is also the largest fishing port in Sri Lanka, and people come here from all over the South. In the early mornings, it is an incredible sight to watch the fish being unloaded from the boats. Indeed, it is not rare to glimpse a shark or two. 

Water sports and party destination

Mirissa is a famous destination for water sports, with a growing popularity of snorkelling, scuba diving, and surfing. In recent times, Mirissa has become a party destination for young travellers. Hotels and pubs hold highly entertaining parties and events, perfect for a fun night on the beach. The active fishing port ensures that Mirissa has the most diverse and delicious seafood within all of Sri Lanka.

The seas are ideal for Whale and Dolphin watching, the most popular attraction of Mirissa. From November through April, these eco-friendly tours are always active. In season, it is possible to come across many species of whales, dolphins, fish, and even sea turtles. It is important to follow instructions, to ensure no harm comes to these magnificent animals. 

Mirissa is located on the fringes of the Matara District. To explore more of the South, travellers venture into the town of Matara. Within this busy town are many eateries, shops, and modern facilities. The small Fort within Matara is worth a visit, along with the lighthouse at Dondra, the most Southern point of Sri Lanka.  

Welcoming smile

To embrace the culture of Southern Sri Lanka, simply stay away from the beach and walk towards its many villages. The locals always greet visitors with a welcoming smile and willingness to talk. With everything the town has to offer, it is impossible to be bored in Mirissa. The beaches of Mirissa are the essence of ultimate tropical paradise.