Mt Lavinia

Mt Lavinia is famous for its golden sandy beaches, and sea life. It is also the subject of various myths and folklore about a British army commander and his local love Lavinia. 

This is a favourite spot for tourists and local people alike. Many people from Colombo also visit this locale especially on weekends to get away from day to day stress, soak up some sun, and just enjoy the cool refreshing sea breeze. 

The bridge on the river Kwai

The Mt Lavinia experience allows you to enjoy all the above cocooned in one of several seaside villas and guesthouses. Mt Lavinia Hotel, on the aptly named ‘Golden Mile beach” is the leading stopover for sea loving tourists. Mt Lavinia hotel became famous for being one of the sites for the filming of the movie ‘The bridge on the river Kwai’ (1957). 

At night, Mt Lavinia Beach is perfect for taking strolls hand in hand with love and with nature. 

Ayurvedic clinics

Apart from the recreation, Mt Lavinia is also the hub of all forms of natural medical therapies. It offers numerous Ayurvedic clinics dedicated to the same, with spas and massage therapies in high demand.

Travelling to Mt Lavinia is easily done from Colombo by train or car, due to convenience. 

Visit Mt Lavinia and stand a chance to rid yourself of stress, both mental and physical.