Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Sri Lanka is equally breath taking underwater as it is on land. Also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, this tropical island is an internationally-renowned hotspot for scuba diving and snorkelling tours.

The most popular locations for scuba diving and snorkelling are Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Kirinda, Kalpitiya and Trincomalee. Areas along the East coast are ideal for underwater expeditions from May to October, whereas the West coast is ideal from November to April. 

Sri Lanka’s largest coral reef

Kalpitiya is home to Sri Lanka’s largest coral reef known as the Bar Reef, whereas Hikkaduwa is famous for its scenic coral reefs and colourful shoals of tropical fish. Weligama is the ideal spot for deep sea diving where you can swim past sharks and dolphins. Diving in Kalpitiya guarantees sightings of tropical fish, manta rays, sharks and turtles that are sure to fill you with awe and wonder. 

Diving and snorkelling tours

Scuba diving and snorkelling tours in Sri Lanka are supervised by qualified and experienced instructors, ensuring both safety and enjoyment. Prices range from USD 30 to 300, depending on the number of dives. PADI certification courses are also available, priced at USD 300 to 700, depending on the number of dives. All necessary diving equipment can be rented from certified diving schools and tours. 

Fantastic adventure

The oceans surrounding the tropical paradise harbour scores of colourful tropical fish species and magnificent coral reefs, as well as ship wrecks with fascinating stories behind them. Diving into the warm and comfortable oceans of Sri Lanka opens you up to a whole other world that will fill you with feelings of euphoria and awe. It is, therefore, a fantastic adventure you MUST embark on with your family, friends or loved one at least once in your life. The experience is sure to enrich your life and leaves you with a great tales to tell back home.